Complementary Homeopathy Cancer Treatment in Mumbai

India's No.1 Choice For Homeopathic Cancer Doctor With 22 Years Experience in Managing Cancers in All Stages.

Over 5,800 Families Choose Dr.Welling In the Last 22 Years To Fight Their Cancer Naturally.

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Dr.Sourabh R.Welling, Mumbai's Top Homeopathic Cancer Expert, Trusted For Over 22 years in 108 Countries.

Along with your traditonal medicines, our Homeopathy Cancer treatment can help you

  • Take control of your cancer and manage it better,
  • Tolerate chemo or radiation therapy better,
  • Recover faster after cancer surgery,
  • Prevent a recurrence,
  • As a palliative in advanced cancer.

Our speciality cancer treatment can also

  • Reduce Cancer Pains
  • Reverse Cancer Growths

We also work closely with your physician and cancer specialist to offer a complementary cancer therapy.


Here is Why Our Patients Trust Us?

Global leader in scientific Homeopathy treatment for Cancer.

  • Award-winning best homeopathy doctors,
  • We have combined traditional Homeopathy with modern scientific research to offer complete pain-free recovery,
  • Trust and assurance of 81-year-old Homeopathy legacy of Welling Family.
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rated by patients in 108 countries

When It's Your Health, Trust Only The Best.

ImmunoKnife Homeopathic Cancer Therapy

ImmunoknifeTM Cancer therapy is a specially formulated Homeopathic cancer therapy, formulated by Dr.Welling, M.D. the legendary Indian Homeopathic Doctor. and unlike regular, slow-acting Homeopathy treatment, this is the Homeopathy treatment for cancer that is specially formulated for cancers and lasts not more than 3 to 6 months.

Brain Tumor

We have treated maximum brain tumors in the last 22 years.

Woman's Cancers

From breast cancer to reproductory organs, we have treated all major cancers.

Multiple Myeloma

After brain tumor, these cancers are treatment in maximum number at Welling Clinics.

Liver Cancer

Our treatment works fastest and deepest on liver cancer treatment

Kidney Cancer

Kidney and Urinary cancers can be benefitted by our treatmen in initial stages.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer also are treatment in initial stages, as advanced stages only palliation is possible.

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As the treatment outcome may vary from person to person, visit one of our clinics or chat online for a detailed assessment with our specialists. Please read terms and conditions, refund rules and privacy policy before starting any treatment at Welling Clinics.

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